The Kresnik Files: Extremely Inappropriate, Very Funny Stories & Essays (Volume 2)

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In The Kresnik Files: Extremely Awful, Funny Stories and Essays Volume 2, Joe Cabello siphons humor from the darkest of places. Ignorant of social taboos or basic decorum, Joe Cabello gives you a harsh look through the comedic lense of a miscreant.

1. I Present You with the Ultimate Anti-Virus Software

2. I’m Enlisting a Team of Heroes to Save the World

3. Dear Home Depot Hiring Department, I’m a Shape-Shifting Lizard Person

4. Don’t You Realize I’m a Giant, Unbeatable Beast?

5. I Think Our Safe Word is Too Long

6. Single & Searching

7. What I Never Expected Out of Your Yoga Studio

8. Splitting the Bill

9. Joey on a Boat

10. The Adventures of Owlman and Alphaman

11. A Non-Erotic, Erotic Fiction

12. My Break-Up Letter to Liam Hemsworth

13. The Guy Who Doesn’t Have Superpower Quits the Super Hero Team

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