Scrote One: A Star Wars Parody

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Scrote One: A Star Wars Parody: A Hilarious Screenplay Parody of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

“The text crawl disappears and we are left in the darkness of space. It’s cold and empty, like a Radio Shack.”

Bust your gut laughing from a joke a minute (or more if you’re a faster reader) in this epically hilarious Star Wars parody. This paper brick of chuckles is written in screenplay format, following the adventures of Jyzz Erso and the Rebel Assliance as they take on the deadly mission to steal the Empooper’s plans for a weapon of ass-destruction.


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After a vicious coup by Empimple Papsmeartine, the once great Orgasmic Senate is no more, and from their asses, the Empooper has formed. Papsmeartine and his loyal subject, Shart Vader, rule over the galaxy with an iron fist(ing).

To ensure a lasting dominion over the galaxy, Papsmeartine executed Order 69: a call for the immediate extermination of the Browneye, respected warriors who use the Farts, a force found in the anus. For the oppressed citizens of the Empooper, the Browneye are the only thing standing in the way of a purely constipated and bloated existence. And now they are feared to be gone forever.

The Rebel Assliance fights back against the Empooper, each side devoted to developing gassier and gassier technology, like Dutch Ovens, Cropdusters, or the Taint Ripper.

Unbeknownst to the Rebel Assliance, the Empooper has been working on a deadly weapon that uses the power of dingleberry crystals, the same crystals used in the Colonsabers of the Browneye, and there is only one man who can help the Empooper finish this weapon of ass destruction… an Empooper defector, VanHalen Erso.

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